Arthur W. (Peter) Machen


This website is for my brother, Arthur W. Machen, III, known to friends and family as Peter.  He was a U.S. Marine.  He died on December 1, 1970, just two months shy of his 22nd birthday as a result of wounds sustained in a firefight in Vietnam in June of that year.  He survived long enough to make it back to Bethesda Naval Hospital, but the final battle was too much.

Other than my closest family members, I rarely see anyone who knew him.  For some time I have wanted to preserve my memories of Peter so that my children would know something of their uncle.  A website enables me to share this with others.  On these pages are a brief biography, pictures from childhood to soldier, some of his drawings, his voice on recordings from cassette tapes that he sent home, and transcriptions of his many letters from Vietnam.

The final page of this website (1970 Chevelle Project) is a recent addition describing a possible further memorial to Peter for the benefit of wounded warriors of today’s generation.

John P. (Jack) Machen



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